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2008-07-06 09:09:18 by TheCritic666

Wut up in the hizouse?!... ok well... im a critic... ill reveiw a lot of things... and im compleatly new to flash.... so.. yeah my movies/games might be crappy!


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2008-07-16 05:08:34

yo, try to critisize me now.

TheCritic666 responds:

ok... well ur teeth r crooked... ha ha!


2008-07-18 03:02:32

Congrats, that first submission of your is quite possibly the worst piece I've ever seen! That's not an easy feat!

Hat's off to ya!

(Updated ) TheCritic666 responds:

wow... thanx... i think.... can i count u as a fan?... lol jk... p.s. that was nothing... i know...


2008-07-28 04:17:38

HI :)

TheCritic666 responds:



2008-09-23 23:19:19

You suck, no one cares about your crappy opinions.

(Updated ) TheCritic666 responds:

wow what strong opinions we have... hmyes.... i don't remeber your name... and i have a book of names of the authors i offend... hmm... oh well...

oh yes i remeber you now u were the guy who did the crappy maddnes tribute... tribulation was it? yea... i explained y i reveiwed badly so just shut up

and if you can't remeber... there was too much talking and the story line jsut kept going away and it mad no sense... idiot


2008-10-16 08:17:05

I agree with deadbeat, dont critisize flashes you know you couldnt make, and dont be rude and saying you got headaches, becase his animations are genious, and i hope i can be that good some day, get a flash not blammed first and atleast get a 2.50 then critisize bud.
Have some respect

(Updated ) TheCritic666 responds:

dude i haven't even really tried to submit anything... i mean i made one flash.. but it was just like a joke.. i wanted to see if it could get past the viewers... and it didn't (obviously) plus i made that flash in like... what was it.. 15 min i think? yea... n00b
... i rate flashes good if they're good simple as that...